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Why does Portico focus on goods made from recycled/reclaimed materials?

I often get asked why I focus on carrying so many products in the shop that are made from recycled, reclaimed, sustainable or Fair Trade materials. The answer is both simple and complex at the same time (of course, Lol). The first, and most obvious reason, is that it makes good environmental sense. Why not make something new from something that has already served another purpose and thereby keeping it out of the landfill? A perfect example of a newly manufactured item made from recycled materials is the Outdoor furniture line we carry; this high quality, durable (and gorgeous) line is made from recycled plastic milk jugs - performance and style all wrapped up into one! The photo I attached...

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Forcing Bulbs in stones/peat

   What better time to enjoy something living and growing indoors than in the dead cold of Winter? Take a look at some of the beautiful (and extremely fragrant) Hyacinths we are "forcing" in the shop right now in handwoven willow baskets and antique French glass forcing bowls! Here are the care instructions we include with all our bulbs for when you take home, or give as a gift - so no mystery on what to do. But let's be honest, there really is not much effort required. Forcing Bulbs (in peat/stones)Care:- Your bulb(s) have already been chilled and are ready to go!-Water bulb(s) minimally, keeping soil slightly damp until 1” or more ofgrowth becomes noticeable and then increase watering...

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Forcing Bulbs in Vases with Water

Every year starting in November, and continuing into February, we carry glass Forcing Vases that we plant up with an assortment of bulbs; Hyacinths, Paperwhites, and Amaryllis, these are perfect for winter and Holiday decorating as well as making exceptional gifts for gardeners and non-gardeners alike. If you are not familiar with this technique you are missing out! Below are the care instructions we include on all our forcing vases (and a separate version on our baskets as well) Care: Your bulb(s) have already been chilled and are ready to go! Maintain water level to approximately ¼” below the bulb(s); this provides humidity for the roots to grow while ensuring the bulb does not rot To speed up the growing...

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