Forcing Bulbs in stones/peat


 What better time to enjoy something living and growing indoors than in the dead cold of Winter?

Take a look at some of the beautiful (and extremely fragrant) Hyacinths we are "forcing" in the shop right now in handwoven willow baskets and antique French glass forcing bowls!

Here are the care instructions we include with all our bulbs for when you take home, or give as a gift - so no mystery on what to do. But let's be honest, there really is not much effort required.

Forcing Bulbs (in peat/stones)
- Your bulb(s) have already been chilled and are ready to go!
-Water bulb(s) minimally, keeping soil slightly damp until 1” or more of
growth becomes noticeable and then increase watering frequency slightly
as growth progresses. Take care not to over water as this may cause the
bulb(s) to rot
- To speed up the growing process place container with bulb(s) in a warm,
sunny location free from any cold drafts
- Once bulb starts to bloom keep in a well-lit area (avoid direct sunlight)
- Once flowers have finished blooming you may cut back blooms and stock to
top of bulb head, remove from soil and trim roots back to approximately 1/8”
from base of bulb, dry off and store in a brown paper bag in a cool dry spot
until ready for planting out in the garden

Watch it Grow and Enjoy!



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