Cocktail anyone? I'll take a Manhattan if you please...

Anytime of year is THE perfect time of year for a cocktail! Greeting your guests at the door with a signature cocktail makes everyone instantly feel welcome... Try serving up a batch of these delicious Manhattans and you will be a star Host/Hostess.

This recipe is my personal favourite recipe for the perfect Manhattan!


Recipe (Makes 1 cocktail):

2 oz      Bourbon

1 oz      Sweet Vermouth

2 Dash  Cherry Bitters

2-3        Bourbon Cherries (skewered on cocktail pick)

Ice cubes



Mix all ingredients together (except for the Cherries) in a tall glass with ice. Strain mixture into an "old fashioned" over 1 - 2 ice cubes or in a Martini glass (neat). Garnish with the Bourbon Cherries

Sip, savour, and enjoy!



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