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Why does Portico focus on goods made from recycled/reclaimed materials?

I often get asked why I focus on carrying so many products in the shop that are made from recycled, reclaimed, sustainable or Fair Trade materials. The answer is both simple and complex at the same time (of course, Lol). The first, and most obvious reason, is that it makes good environmental sense. Why not make something new from something that has already served another purpose and thereby keeping it out of the landfill? A perfect example of a newly manufactured item made from recycled materials is the Outdoor furniture line we carry; this high quality, durable (and gorgeous) line is made from recycled plastic milk jugs - performance and style all wrapped up into one! The photo I attached...

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For most, a must in a well-rounded outdoor space is a great Dining Set. A stylish table with comfortable chairs welcomes friends and family to share food and drink, and to linger over long stories and bad jokes! So often it is times like these that are the most cherished and coveted.Modern Adirondack Chairs with self storing ottomans allow you to kick back, relax, and watch the world float by in slow motion.Chair Hammocks tucked away in a quiet corner allow you to sit up and read (or enjoy a cocktail), or recline and watch the clouds or stars go by provide an escape to even the most stressed.Water Features bubbling away can create the white noise to block out...

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Is Portico Indoor & Outdoor Living a boutique for "wants" or "needs"?When people ask me to describe what types of products portico carries, I tell them that we carry indoor furniture, outdoor furniture, gardening items, home decor, botanicals, giftware, artwork, water features and so on. I also tell them that I have a strong focus on carrying products that are made from reclaimed, recycled, and sustainable materials whenever possible. Goods that benefit charitable causes and are free trade are also something near and dear to my heart; I try to do what I can to be a good global citizen. Pretty much everything has some type of connection to the outdoors in one way or another. Although customers embrace my...

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