Why does Portico focus on goods made from recycled/reclaimed materials?

I often get asked why I focus on carrying so many products in the shop that are made from recycled, reclaimed, sustainable or Fair Trade materials. The answer is both simple and complex at the same time (of course, Lol).

The first, and most obvious reason, is that it makes good environmental sense. Why not make something new from something that has already served another purpose and thereby keeping it out of the landfill?

A perfect example of a newly manufactured item made from recycled materials is the Outdoor furniture line we carry; this high quality, durable (and gorgeous) line is made from recycled plastic milk jugs - performance and style all wrapped up into one! The photo I attached to this blog post is one sent to us by one of our Customers of some of our Adirondacks she purchased sitting on her dock at The Experimental Lakes Area (ELA) in Kenora, Ontario. The ELA is an international research station that encompasses 58 freshwater lakes - check out their website www.iisd.org/ela to find out more about this important organization.

The second reason, for our choice to promote products made from reclaimed materials in addition to the ones made from recycled materials is that by creating something new from something "used" it makes a truly unique piece, has special details and character, as well as there is a story behind it. A great example of this is some furniture we have locally made from reclaimed Skateboards, wood tables and benches, along with one-of-a-kind Cheese Boards for the entertainer or gift giver.

Finally, sustainable and Fair Trade items like our Chair Hammocks make economic sense! Making products from sustainable resources and paying workers a fair wage is good for everyone!

We hope our Customers continue to embrace what we are doing and support our efforts of offering a specialty shopping and design destination; we work very hard at being a unique place in a vast retail landscape.


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