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The "Art" of giving a great Hostess Gift

Thankfully I am not the only person that thinks giving a Hostess/Host a gift is not just a great idea, but is also good basic etiquette!At Portico we try and offer a variety of gifts that Customers are excited to give, but also the Hostess/Host is eager to receive. Don't get me wrong, a bottle of wine or a bouquet of flowers are always welcome, but why not consider something unique or with a twist that says you put some real thought into it.........?Exquisite napkins from France, coasters made from pressed fibres that are printed with vegetable based dyes, "Welcome" signs or Bottle Tags, Wind Bells, or for the ultimate of our Chair Hammocks; these are just a few...

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Black Currant Jam Recipe - Hello Summer!

One of the things I love most about this time of year is going to all the Farmers' Markets! With so much fresh local produce it is hard not to be excited and inspired to create something new daily in the kitchen....this week it is all about preserving as much of that Summer goodness as possible. Black Currants are one of my favourite berries so I picked up a basket of them (14 cups worth :() and made this delicious jam from a recipe my Mum has used "forever". Black Currants are a lot of work to top and tail/clean, but are SO worth the reward! (FYI I used the remaining 8 cups of Black Currants to make my own...

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