Forcing Bulbs in Vases with Water

Every year starting in November, and continuing into February, we carry glass Forcing Vases that we plant up with an assortment of bulbs; Hyacinths, Paperwhites, and Amaryllis, these are perfect for winter and Holiday decorating as well as making exceptional gifts for gardeners and non-gardeners alike. If you are not familiar with this technique you are missing out! Below are the care instructions we include on all our forcing vases (and a separate version on our baskets as well)


  • Your bulb(s) have already been chilled and are ready to go!
  • Maintain water level to approximately ¼” below the bulb(s); this provides humidity for the roots to grow while ensuring the bulb does not rot
  • To speed up the growing process place vase with bulb(s) in a warm, sunny location free from any cold drafts.
  • Once bulb(s) starts to bloom keep in a well-lit area (avoid strong/direct sunlight)
  • If any odour begins to develop, pour water out of vase and refill to optimum level (keep bulb in vase so root system does not get disturbed
  • Once flowers have finished blooming you may cut back blooms and stalk to top of bulb(s) head, remove from water and trim roots back to approximately 1/8” from base of bulb(s), dry off and store in a brown paper bag in a cool dry spot until ready for planting out in the garden


Watch it grow and enjoy!




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