For most, a must in a well-rounded outdoor space is a great Dining Set. A stylish table with comfortable chairs welcomes friends and family to share food and drink, and to linger over long stories and bad jokes! So often it is times like these that are the most cherished and coveted.
Modern Adirondack Chairs with self storing ottomans allow you to kick back, relax, and watch the world float by in slow motion.
Chair Hammocks tucked away in a quiet corner allow you to sit up and read (or enjoy a cocktail), or recline and watch the clouds or stars go by provide an escape to even the most stressed.
Water Features bubbling away can create the white noise to block out city sounds or remind you of being at the lake or on a beach.
Metal Garden Accessories to give a balance and contrast of plants and trees in the summer but also allow for some must needed interest in the winter. Large copper Spinners, Decorative Stakes, and Rain Chains are just a few items that can add another layer of texture and dimension to already luscious garden.
Some other pieces to consider when fine tuning your outdoor space are Lanterns, Throws, and Fire Pits; these allow you to enjoy being outside well into the evening further extending your time of “R & R”.
And don’t forget about Bird Houses, and Feeders/ Baths; not only do they help our feathered friends, but there are so many options in wood, pottery, and ceramic that they can truly be used as outdoor décor pieces as well…
At Portico Indoor & Outdoor Living we are all about “Bringing the Indoors out, and the Outdoor in” so let us help you create your perfect space - no matter where it is!

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