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Something Yummy!

 "these cakes are that they are super easy to make and bake up quickly (impromptu Dessert? Friend gift? Hankering for a "little" something fresh just out the oven?). From beginning to end is 20 minutes so this is a great recipe to create something tasty and satisfying."

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Autumn Inspiration!

Autumn, I LOVE Autumn! Why, you ask? Well there are so many reasons.....The first thing that comes to mind are the amazing and rich colours; it is as if Mother Nature is saying "don't be sad that Summer is over, and don't be afraid of what (Winter) comes next" Lol With the beauty of those changing colours, and that crunch underfoot of fallen leaves, it always brings a sense of calm that life will slow down a bit and it is time to re-connect. Secondly, as a person that "lives" to cook I enjoy the simmering, braising, and baking that cooler Fall temperatures beckon...Beef Bourguinon anyone??? Third, well let's be honest, I LOVE LOVE LOVE big, chunky, cozy sweaters! The...

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