Decorative Accent Lighting

Have you ever wondered what simple things you can do to re-create that special atmosphere of being away at a Resort or the relaxed feeling of the Holiday Season? Quite often that extra special ambiance is due to decorative accent lighting; often this simple task of incorporating well planned accent lighting is all you need to do to a new or an existing space to completely take your Décor to a whole new level of “WOW”.
At Portico Indoor & Outdoor Living we are always looking for innovative ways to design with decorative lighting; we carry a line of small LED lights on fine metallic wire that is spectacular to see and work with. The LED bulbs have a beautiful warm, pure white light that emit perfect droplets of illuminated magic! LED bulbs are amazing because they never get hot, are energy efficient, and last for 5+ years; our bulbs are also not a uniform shape making them discreet with the ability to blend into indoor or outdoor environments easily. In addition to coming in various options of combinations, sizes, and colours the advantage of the lights being attached with a fine wire is that it allows for versatility to how they can be installed. Small strands or bundles, containing 30 to 64 lights, work well in pots, lanterns, table arrangements, or shelving units. The medium size bundles, containing 125 lights, are perfect in planters, Holiday wreaths, mantles, and shrubbery. The large bundles, containing 288 lights…well the possibilities are even more endless; consider draping the wall behind your bed, in your draperies, along your fence, or trees indoors or outdoors. No matter what combination(s) you choose to use the installation can be hanging, wrapped, flowing, or entwined in unique ways for a stunning effect.
Accent lighting to landscape and architectural features are also ways to add drama and capture one’s attention; often using subtle touches of quality light can speak volumes that nothing else can compare.
Whatever the time of year, indoors or outdoors, think of adding in some accent lighting to make the most of your space. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the peace and tranquility that your new lighting provides.


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