In the never-ending quest to find some form peace and calm in our busy lives you might want to consider a water feature. Some water features can be specifically for outdoor or indoor use, but many can be great for both. Think about starting with a small piece you have outdoors in the summer and then bring it indoors in the winter. Whether it is a pot style concrete vessel clad with beautiful Balinese river stone or slate, wall mounted, or free standing units with frames made from various metals having inserts of stone, glass, or mirror; the possibilities are numerous for any location.
All of the water features we carry at Portico are completely self-contained. This means the unit has its own pump and reservoir so no need to deal with plumbing etc., all you need is an electrical outlet nearby. When initially setting up your water feature the reservoir will get filled with water that periodically needs to get topped up; but other than that there is virtually no maintenance involved so it is a simple and easy introduction into your home, cottage, or workplace.
Apart from the obvious reason a water feature is to listen and enjoy its soothing sounds but also watching the moving water is mesmerizing. Having a water feature indoors in the winter adds much needed humidity to the air adding to the benefits of air quality and reduces dry skin and static as well.
Just think of serene places that always seem to have water features; like a public garden, spa, or massage therapists office just to name a few and you will see, and hear, why it is so easy for you to relax in those places................
Incorporate a water feature into your environment and you will be glad you did!


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