I am always surprised when people say they start to feel anxious or sad as summer starts to wind down. Sure, the days start to get shorter and cooler but I say “embrace the change of seasons”! Every season has an opportunity to create something new and refresh something old.

At Portico Indoor & Outdoor Living we are all about bringing the “Indoors out, and the Outdoors in”, so try thinking what are your favourite things about the outdoors and translate that to your interior spaces.
Do you have a Sunroom, Breakfast Room or Screened Porch? If you do, why not consider a Chair Hammock in bright vibrant colours and patterns that remind you of the Garden or Lake? Moving entirely indoors, consider an assortment of furniture pieces made from natural materials such as reclaimed woods, metals, rattan, or grasses have great texture and warmth but continue the organic feel that connects you back to the outdoors. Artwork that reflects what you dream about from when you spend time outside enjoying birds, trees, flowers etc are always welcome, and work well in any room, for any style; and literally are a breath of fresh air.
Never underestimate the power of textiles and colour! Fabrics inspired by nature prints in both colour and/or pattern, even in the smallest amount can completely transform any room. Painting a room in a lush green, a sunny yellow or a soft turquoise just might do the trick to bring back memories of time in the garden or at the beach. Accessorizing with things like lanterns, metal wall gardens, stone Inukshuks, copper accents or a woven Rush Stag’s Head are all creative and stylish ways to once again bring the outdoors in.
Botanicals, both artificial and preserved, are definitely an easy way to always having something “living” indoors; and without any maintenance they are perfect in low light or hard to reach areas. Integrate these with live plants to further enhance the space, but remember to make sure these are very good quality, otherwise you are not fooling anyone!
Last (but not least) Water Features! I am a firm believer in having water features both for the indoors and the outdoors. Water Features are not only beautiful statement pieces but the relaxing sounds, along with the benefits of “White Noise” and humidity during the Fall and Winter months is an absolute must; there is just something so soothing hearing the sound of moving water.

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