BIRD FEEDER - WINESAP - Portico Indoor & Outdoor Living Inc.


$59.00 CAD

Named after apples, “the perfect food” these feeders do double duty, feeding butterflies or fruit loving birds. Handcrafted using stoneware, lead free glazes & brass chain to be completely weatherproof & dishwasher safe.The Winesap, created using vivid floral colors that sparkle in sunlight, come with sea sponge. For butterflies, fill the cup with nectar & use the included sea sponge as a wick. Fill the tray with fruit or mixture of bananas, beer & molasses for an irresistible treat. For fruit loving birds fill the cup with jelly & the tray with fruit.

-about 7 1/2” diameter x 2 1/2” high with 9" chain