Wind Bells - What makes them unique and special?

Although we often carry Wind Chimes, customers sometimes comment on them being to "tinkle-y"; so when we came across these Wind Bells we knew we had a winner! Made to replicate the the sounds of the nautical bells on ocean buoys; Wind Bells have a deep, haunting tone that is both clear and pure. Wind Bells and Chimes are similar in the sense that when the wind moves the pieces the contact creates a resonating sound. The larger the Bell/Chime, the deeper the tone. Also, Wind Bells are pyramidal in shape so they have a very simple and clean design that appeals to many different tastes and design - perfect for the front porch, the garden, or out at the cottage.

The Wind Bells we carry are all named after different points along the US Eastern Seaboard; so for instance, if you have travelled to coastal Maine you have likely experienced some of these sounds already.

Oh, and I cannot forget to mention that these bells are made primarily from recycled steel, produced in small batches, by a Family owned/run business.

Lovely to look at...soothing to listen to...



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