Plant Nanny "2.0"

Anyone who has ever asked me what are some of my favourite products Portico carries knows that I will always include something from our Plant Nanny line. Why? Because these self watering plant stakes WORK! The photo here is of the XL Garden Stakes; originally developed for Tomatoes, and using a 2L bottle for the reservoir.

Since this size launched last year I have used it for some of my massive containers outdoors but I also found it to be invaluable when I planted new trees and shrubs. By putting one of the XL stakes beside each new plant it guaranteed that the roots were gently (and consistently) watered, ensuring the root system was well established and got the plant off to a great healthy start! Why would you spend a lot of money on new plants, trees, and shrubs and NOT want to guarantee their success???

FYI: We only carry this particular size of Plant Nanny seasonally, so make sure you order some of these today and sit back, relax, and let the watering stakes do the work for you :)

Enjoy, T

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