Glass Terrariums

We just can't get enough of our beautiful glass terrariums! We have so many different kinds; hanging, table top, or we will help you create a custom version using glass cloches with unique bases of metal, Terra Cotta, glass, or ceramic. 

Part of what makes terrariums so wonderful is that no two will ever look the same. In the shop we merchandise our terrariums with artificial and preserved plants or flowers, decorative stones, or sometimes small decor items to bring some fun and whimsy. We group ours and stagger their heights for maximum impact; customers always comment on how such a simple thing can be so dramatic.

As Fall is soon approaching why not consider adding some terrariums in your home, cottage, or office - you will be glad you did.

Terrariums require very little effort (especially how Portico presents them) but they will give you enjoyment 365 days a year.


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