The "Power" of Colour

Have you ever been aware how you react to colour? Think of the calming effect of a brilliant blue ocean, the Zen of looking at fresh green grass, the majestic quality of a deep regal purple, or the warmth that comes over you seeing the perfect golden yellow...

The "Power" of what a colour can do is no secret; but often we forget how we can manipulate colour(s) to our benefit. In the warmer months it is so easy the let Mother Nature take care of surrounding us with colour in all its glory, but in the duldrums of Winter we sometimes need to take matters in our own hands and re-paint a room in our home, invest in a new piece of Art or clothing, or simply put together a bouquet of flowers to lift our spirits and take advantage of our newly enhanced colourful surroundings. When I need a change I go straight to colour and infuse as much of it as I can in my shades of white and cream for this girl! Lol

Find a colour that inspires you and see what a difference it will make; then post a photo of it on Instagram or Facebook and tag us @porticoliving and tell us how you reacted to it

(FYI the photo in this Blog is one I took of the Sunrise on top of the Haleakala Volcano on Maui, Hawaii; the mixture of the colours of the sky and clouds were so intense and "jaw-dropping" to me it literally took my breath away)





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