Since the newspaper article I contributed to in the homes section of the winnipeg free press came out back on September 27, 2014 I have had so many customers come in to the store wanting to know more about forcing bulbs - as well as so many other here it is - the first post on my "blog"!
Forcing bulbs has been something I have been doing for years; it might have something to do with having an English family I suppose; growing up seeing my mum and grandma doing it and thought it was commonplace in everyone's home (and later validated by the grand dame herself Martha Stewart).
In the wfp article i mentioned that there are many types of bulbs and different types of containers to force these flowers out in the doldrums of winter and early spring. The most commonly available bulbs to force are narcissus, hyacinths, amaryllis, crocus, and muscari.
At Portico we carry a variety of forcing vases, shallow vintage glass bowls, and lined willow baskets have already been started with narcissus, hyacinth, and amaryllis giving you a head start. And yes, you purchase the container and the bulbs etc within are complimentary.
Want to know more? Stop and in and let's talk!


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