Everyone knows our Chair Hammocks are AMAZING!. Our chair hammocks are not only gorgeous but are super comfy quality pieces. The colour and pattern combinations are amazing; so they are perfect for the home, yard, or cottage. With a slight re-position of the cushions you can go from sitting upright to reclining back and looking at the clouds or stars………..bliss!
For outdoors you can hang them from arbors, gazebos, screened porches, balconies, boathouses, pergolas, as well as from trees.
Although the material is an outdoor fabric it is so soft that indoors many customers are using them in kid’s bedrooms, “man caves”, and nurseries - the possibilities seem endless.
The four piece set includes a fabric hammock, a seat cushion, a decorative back cushion, and a tote bag. The tote allows for perfect off-season storage and gives it that finishing touch if presenting it as a gift.
We carry the chair hammocks all year because they are so versatile and seems as though everyone is excited to find such an awesome product right here at portico.
Once you sit in it you are instantly relaxed and realize how important it is to enjoy some precious downtime. Have a seat; you will be glad you did!


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