Have you experienced one of our alpaca throws? If you have been lucky enough to have picked one up from one of our previous shipments (or better yet someone gave it to you!) Then you already know what I am talking about; if not, read on..............
Alpaca fibre is sheared from the animal just like they do with sheep; and spun into yarn. The fibre is naturally hypo-allergenic, water-repellent, difficult to ignite, lightweight, silky soft, sustainable and dyes into beautiful colours, and don't forget it is also eco friendly! The alpaca throws we carry are handmade from organic yarn and are also fair trade. All of this makes for a perfect example that beauty and sustainability can go together effortlessly; something we strive to promote at portico.
Our throws are a generous size of 45"x70" so they can cover from head to toe. I also have one that i wear as a wrap; super chic!
Because alpaca is so lightweight is is great to use all year long at the home or cottage, so consider sharing the joy with others if you want to give the perfect gift.


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