Wall Gardens

Why plant Wall Gardens?

Gardeners are always looking for creative ways to build on their gardens and landscapes; sometimes it is out of necessity, sometimes it is simply to try a new “thing” – Wall Gardens are not new, but they sure are hot right now in landscape and interior design. Wall Gardens are very easy to maintain and require little attention.
Lack of ground space is quite often a prime example – so why not go up? Other times the reason may be to incorporate different/extended heights that plants alone may not be able to achieve. Wall gardens are also a great way to add interest to an otherwise boring or unsightly area.
Interior spaces also provide the perfect opportunity for planting up living walls of succulents, cacti, herbs, or even artificial plants, making a design statement that no one else will have!
Installed directly onto the surface or hanging from brackets; Wall Gardens can be made from materials such as galvanized metal, wood, plastic, ceramic, or copper; just to name a few. Smaller units can be grouped in clusters to maximize the impact as well as looking like a work of art; just make sure there is some type of common denominator that ties everything together. There are no rules here, so let your imagination fly and have fun! Planted to be full and lush with continuous vegetation, or sporadic and scattered for a strong graphic impact – the choice is yours.
Consider Wall Gardens as a feature on the side of your house, garage, cottage, or fence; making an architectural statement, bringing in a variety of dimensions, something living to make a special and unique statement. The beauty of Wall Gardens is each time you plant them they will totally different.

Remember….. Mother Nature never disappoints!

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